We are continuing to be at your service and receive your inquiries during this period

Our esteemed partners,

In accordance with the nationally recommended precautionary measures taken by the authorities in Saudi Arabia as part of its efforts to control the new Corona virus (COVID19), and its decision to suspend attendance at government offices for 16 days starting from 16 March 2020, and in compliance with this resolution, I am pleased to inform you that we are continuing to be at your service and receive your inquiries during this period.

We would be delighted if you could follow our updates and decisions on the Saudi Geological Survey Authority twitter account @SGSORGSA and the official website https://sgs.org.sa. We are also fully prepared to arrange any meetings or virtual meetings whenever necessary.
I would like to stress that in the mining sector, leaders and employees, we will do our utmost in these exceptional circumstances to move beyond this stage with Allah’s permission. We will overcome the difficulties that the sector may face as a result of the necessary precautionary measures that have been taken for the benefit of all of us and of our dear society and homeland.

We are grateful for your generous cooperation and understanding of the situation, and I look forward to hear your constructive opinions and suggestions that will help us continue serving you.

I ask Allah the Almighty to keep you and your loved ones healthy and sound, and I ask Allah to sustain the blessing of security and stability for our dear country, and to protect our country wise leadership from any harm. Amen.

Please accept my sincere greetings and appreciation.

Khalid Bin Saleh Almodaifer

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