The CEO of the Saudi Geological Survey, Eng. Abdullah bin Muftar Al-Shamrani, revealed the discovery of parts of the remains of an extinct primitive whale dating back to 37 million years ago in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to Al-Shamrani, this major archeological fossil discovery is of utter importance as it dates back to the Upper Eocene era (54 to 33 million years ago) and is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

He said the discovery is of global importance and a great addition to the scientific research given its historic value and the secrets it could unveil about ancient geological ages, and maritime environments.

The CEO explained that a specialized team from the Department of Fossils at the Saudi Geological Survey conducted a survey of the calcareous cliffs near the governorates of Al-Qurayyat and Haditha to infer and identify the types of marine fossils and their deposition environments in the north of the Kingdom 37 million years ago.

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