Ore Minerals and Precious Stones

Mineral exploration and mining involve the processes of searching and mining for the two kinds of mineral deposits, the metallic and nonmetallic ore deposits, as well as the precious stones. This is achieved by undertaking regional and detailed mineral exploration programs. The Saudi Geological Survey has paid great attention in intensifying mining works in accordance with the development plans of the state in order to attract investors to the mining sector. This is reflected positively in the national economic growth. The necessary information about mineral deposits are provided by the SGS as the results of its technical research and studies on mineral deposits with promising reserves. The continuation of existing projects on mineral deposits are national mega-projects aimed at creating and developing a geo-scientific infrastructure for data and information related to the land resources of the Kingdom.



- To secure sustainable strategic reserves of mineral resources. This objective is achieved by the continuous exploration for the two kinds of mineral resources and their assessment for their viabilities for mining.

- to collect the necessary data and information in order to identify and survey mineral sites. This objective includes the regional geological exploration works for mining and the provision of geological, geophysical, and geochemical data and information for the identification of mineralized belts and the determination and estimation of the quantities, types, extents, and engineering needs of the mineral reserves.

- To apply the state-of-art scientific technologies in the assessment and development of mineral deposits, including recommendations on the best methods for their exploitation.

- To conduct detailed studies on all potential sites as sources of raw materials for artificial and ornamental stones for building works, including deposit sizes and extents, and types.

- To explore for precious stones and assess their availability in the Arabian shield rocks and caprocks and in the areas of volcanic lava flows, to set up plans for future programs for these stones, to conduct laboratory experiments on the polishing and buffing  of gemstones, and to utilize all types of technical.

- support for the exploration and identification of these stones in the Kingdom.

- To set up archives for mineral resources and mining. The geological archive is the center and source of different types of technical information, and is considered a scientific library, containing important and valuable information. The different types of geologic samples especially drill core samples, which were collected from detailed mineral exploration programs, shall be archived at the depots of the Saudi Geological Survey. The samples should be made available to all researchers, students, and investors.


List of Current Projects for 2018:

Title of the Project


Exploratory study of the high purity silica sands and limestones in the Riyadh Region


Uses of Saudi basalt from the north of the Harrat Rahat for the production of glass ceramic


Exploration for strategic minerals in Ha'el Region


Map of mineral deposits (Metalogenic Map) of the Madina region at a scale of 1:500,000


Exploration for precious stones in the Harrat, 'Asir region.


Exploration for porphyritic copper in Nasaq Sawag 


Exploration and mining of uranium and thorium ores in the Kingdom