The study of caves depends basically on the identification of the most important sites of caves in the different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of exploring and studying the relationships of their formations and their surrounding environments. A large number of caves in the Kingdom were formed in sedimentary formations (e.g., Umm Er-Radhuma sedimentary formation), in addition to those caves that formed in the volcanic Harrat regions.

The caves are considered touristic and environmental resources that should be preserved and protected.



Integrated geological study and monitoring of the sedimentary formations and the volcanic Harrat with natural caves and caverns.

Creation of geologic maps with locations of the caves and the geologic structures that are relevant to subsidence.

Study of geologic hazards of subsidence on humans and properties


Current Project (2018)

Study of caves and drills in the Umm Er-Radhuma sedimentary formation