The Department carry out the study of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including exploration works and the search for these fossils, as well as the study of the rocks that contain them. The Department houses a laboratory that is specialized in preparing the fossils for study.


Determination of the equivalent ages of sedimentary layers and their sedimentation environments, and the identification of fossils and their place in the evolutionary trends of life on Earth.

Establishment of an integrated, practical, and scientific center for fossils in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aims to attract authorities, schools, and universities for purposes of education, training, and scientific research.

Provision for the requirements of the geological museum that is expected to be established in the Saudi Geological Survey.
Continuation of support and development of the Department’s cadres to keep pace with the level of world laboratories and museum.

Completion of the fossil map of the Kingdom as part of the SGS website in order to provide a platform for learning about the early forms of life and the sites of fossils in the Kingdom.

Establishment of an educational platform for Saudis through the visual and readable media in order to make them fully aware of the geological and fossil history of Saudi Arabia.


List of Current Projects of 2018:

General exploration for fossils

Study of the fossils in Al-Shemaisi and Asfan