Desert studies of the Saudi Geological Survey aim to gather specialized data and knowledge on the deserts of the Kingdom, particularly on the studies that are concerned with sand dunes, their formation, shapes, sizes, movements, and their physical and mineral characteristics. The deserts of the Kingdom are considered among the largest connected deserts worldwide. There is no doubt that these deserts contain a lot of natural resources, including their important water storage systems and touristic sites, that require necessary and detail geologic studies and research.



Study on the rate and speed of sand dune encroachment and migration in the deserts.

Classification of sand dunes in the deserts and the creation of maps that show their distribution.

Analysis of the engineering properties of the different types of desert samples in order to evaluate their possible use in construction works.

Exploration and search for mineral and water resources in the desert.

Search for the areas that host high concentrations of silica minerals as sources of industrial materials
Identification of touristic sites in the deserts.


Current Project of 2018

Study the geology of the Al-Dahna desert