Geo-engineering maps are geological maps that provide an overview of all of the elements of the natural environment that are important in land use planning and in the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructures. Geo-engineering maps include the types, physical and engineering properties of soils and rocks, hydrogeological and geomorphological conditions, geodynamic characteristics, and geohazards. These material properties and characteristics provide important geological and geotechnical information that are used in assessing the use of land areas and their suitability for construction, as well as in selecting the best methods of construction and suitable foundations, in order to ensure the stability of the infrastructures, avoid potential engineering problems, propose appropriate remedial solutions, and avoid the rise of maintenance operations.


Current Targets:

- Creation of an engineering classification map for soils, sediments, and for surface and sub-surface rock formations.

- Identification of areas with engineering problems and the development of appropriate and remedial engineering solutions.

- Identification of suitable sites for urban expansion and for the disposal sites of solid, liquid, and hazardous wastes.

- Creation of a geotechnical information base. 


2018 Projects:

- Study on the engineering properties of the soils in Qurayyat.